PhillipCapital’s thematic magazine, Ground View, is an absolutely unique and singular publication, brought out by the collective effort of its research resources. In order to bring out this unique offering, its analysts travel far and wide to gather incisive insights into how macro and micro events are unfolding on the ground. To arrive at fresh insights, researchers engage in countless conversations with an amazingly wide variety of stake holders in India’s economic value chain.

At its core, Ground View is the ultimate reality check and has proven to be a useful arrow in the quiver of discerning investors. It is a chance to benefit from first-person, grass root-level insights instead of relying on ivory-tower analysis. It allows investors to step outside the realm of routine databases and excel models and goes much beyond technical projections and forecasts. It actually captures the emotions, mood, and hopes prevalent in an ever-moulting economic and political landscape.

Over the years, Ground View has become a marquee brand for PhillipCapital, showcasing the magazine, road shows, plant visits, and various events and conferences that often carry forward a theme identified by the magazine. The product is backed by the company’s solid research team with its formidable experience in covering fundamental equity research, technical analysis, and commodity research.

At Ground View, our passion and mission has been to present you with every possible view of India and its evolution, both economically and socially. This view is from every possible dimension so that you can perceive our insights in your unique way, make your own unique decisions and grow.