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groundview - fertiliser

DBT: A re-rating card for fertilisers

Structural changes that have been taking place in India have made 2018 and its preceding years stand out. At the heart of these changes have […]

The Great Indian Soap Opera

By Vishal Gutka  So far in the fight against COVID-19, mankind is playing defensive by maintaining social distancing norms, wearing masks, and adopting best-in-class personal […]

Weighing the Importance of Supply-Chain Business Practices

Cultural revolution to gain better momentum Last year, in February 2019, Ground View (GV) wrote about the rising importance of supply-chain efficiencies in the cement […]

groundview image

Transition to Supply-Chain Efficiencies

The shape of future cement capex Capex growth is likely to halve. Will be on fast track, pushing efficiency and compliance High capex CAGR of […]

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Cleaner, Greener, Better…

A story of the BS-6 catapault and EV sustainability Run up to the big (BS-6) change GV met with a range of industry participants to […]

Interview: Mr. R. A. Rajeev -MMRDA Metropolitan Commissioner

Mumbai City is undergoing a radical transformation. Over 160km of metro projects are under construction – so are multiple flyovers and roads. The primary body […]


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